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5 Great Colleges To Study Law In India

Becoming a high profile lawyer means being paid big bucks to battle out long drawn court cases. Do you see yourself doing this? To become a high profile lawyer, you will first need excellent oratory skills, a sky high confidence level, and an education from a top law college. Here’s a quick look at 5

5 great colleges to study criminology and forensic sciences in India

Yes we all love watching episodes of CBI on the television but have you ever imagined what real life investigators do on a daily basis? You too can train to be a criminologist, a forensic science expert or a legal advisor in the criminal and justice system. Here are highlights of 5 courses in criminology

Top 5 Agriculture courses in India

Did you think that the practice of agriculture in India traditionally has been passed on from one generation to another? Think again, look around you. There are many agriculture related courses that you can study in India. Here are 5 recognized universities that are dedicated to providing courses related to agriculture from where you can

5 great diploma courses to pursue after Class X

We’ve observed that more and more students these days are getting clarity towards what they want to do in life. Many years back, doing a diploma after standard 12 (after standard 10 was even worse) was considered to be taboo. But now, it’s not. In fact, if you start investing your academic years in the

Taking a year off after school or college? Is it worth it?

How will I explain it to my future employer? Won’t I become a junior to my friends? What if I can’t get back to academics later? If you’re considering taking a year off after school or college and are stuck in this web of questions, it’s time you take a good look around you. Gone

Top 5 tips that every management trainee must use

Management trainees are in a wonderful place called ‘No Man’s Land’ when they are recruited in organizations. This is where all the trainees are at par and are equals – whether they are IIM-A graduates or products of not so famous self financed MBA colleges. Wall Street Journal correctly observes that the performance of management

Top 5 attributes you need to become a fashion merchandiser / buyer

You’ve gotta be tough-as-nails if you’re in the fashion industry. There’s always going to be that boss who will shoot down your million dollar idea or that ignorant customer who will hate your selection. As a fashion merchandiser, you may not be the face of a magazine, but you’ll have to be ready to face

Top 5 jobs you can pursue with a communications degree

If you are a Communications graduate or a student aspiring to get into this field, you are already one step ahead of the game. Do you know why? In the Age of Information, the need for human resource that can communicate well, is becoming crucial. Check out the various jobs that you may become eligible

5 reasons why doing a PhD will give you edge over others

As you all know, once you achieve a PhD degree, you can add a ‘Dr’ as a prefix to your name. We have an engineer’s office next door, who by the way is a PhD. Our chai-wala keeps asking us every now and then ‘Doctor sahab ki office mein patient kyu nai hai?’ Yes, as

5 reasons sports education in India is a must

Besides a Diploma in Sports Management, did you know that you can even do MBA specializing in Sports Management in foreign countries? Then why is that not possible in India? Why should Indian students not have access to education in sports? Here are 5 reasons why we think that sports education in India is a

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