Top 5 Archaeology colleges in India!

The biggest problem lies not in knowing which are the colleges in India that offer Archaeology, but in knowing what the subject is all about. Before we start listing out some of the best colleges in India where you can study this interesting subject, we would want you to know that Archaeology is a study of the humankind through the retrieval of records such as artefacts, biofacts, cultural landscapes etc.

To study the scientific techniques, tools and procedures of this wonderful science, enroll in the following institutions.

Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad University, Baroda

The Department of Archaeology at MSU became independent from the Department of History in 1953. The great thing about studying Archaeology at MSU is that it houses a fantastic museum, a research library, fully equipped photographic and drawing sections and laboratories. You can choose to study a BA or MA with Honors in Ancient Indian History Culture and Archaeology. You can also pursue PhD degree in this field from here. Did you know that the Ford Foundation has identified this department as one of the major centers in the country for research and development of Archaeological Sciences?

To know more, visit: MSU

Institute of Archaeology, Delhi

What can be better than studying at the academic wing of the Archaeological Survey of India? The ASI conducts 2 year PG Diplomas in Archaeology. It also conducts professional workshops in subjects of Excavation and Exploration, Structural Conservation, Heritage and Environment Management, Chemical Preservation, Epigraphy and Numismatics, Museology and much more. What’s more, the institute is located inside Red Fort, close to the royal structures of Shah Jahan’s period.

To know more, visit: Institute of Archaeology

Delhi Institute of Heritage Research and Management, Delhi

Established with the sole aim of cherishing and preserving the heritage monuments of India, DIHRM provides a Masters in Archaeology and Heritage Management and a Masters in Conservation, Preservation and Heritage Management. This is one of the few institutes in the country which is purely dedicated to the study and conservation of archaeological monuments, arts and crafts, oral and written literature, living tradition, natural features and the archeological environment. You will be exposed to areas like diasporic heritage, disaster management, cultural impact assessment, emerging technologies and approaches and fieldwork in Archaeology.

To know more, visit: DIHRM

University of Madras

The Department of Ancient History and Archaeology was established in 1960 with field training in exploration and excavation as highlights at the University of Madras. It is supported by big names such as the Archaeological Survey of India, the Chennai Circle, the Government Museum and Egmore. You can pursue an M.A and an MPhil in Ancient History and Archaeology along with PhD programs. Did you know an interesting feature of this course? From 1990-95, this department participated in the program of investigation of the origin of a variety of Roman pottery, in collaboration Pennsylvania University, USA.

To know more, visit: Madras University

Tamil University, Thanjavur

If you want to study the fascinating subject of Archaeology in a campus spread over 800 acres with lofty heritage-like structures around you, the Tamil University is a perfect place for you. You could choose to do a M.A. in History and Archaeology at TU. Here’s an amazing fact: The University Library of TU is supposed to be a replica of the Indian Parliament House located right at the center of the campus. The university also houses a beautiful Tamil University Art Gallery and Museum.

To know more, visit: TU

If this has piqued your interest in Archaeology and if you think you can work in areas of Environmental Archaeology, Prehistory, Architecture and Iconography, History, Art, Anthropology, Ethno Archaeology, Experimental Archaeology, Archeomaterials, then pursue this exciting field at the above mentioned reputed institutes today!

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  2. Indian Govt Jobs

    Archeology is really very good field. It helps a lot to reveal various mystery in History.Its very good to know that India is having very good source of education for this stream. There are various scopes for the students in government sectors.Plz check our site for any assistance for good jobs in government sectors

  3. aditya

    Hello everybody, i am an engineer!!!! i completed it without any pasion and not interested in continuing my life in tat field!!! iam very interested in history and archeology, can any one pls tell me a good college to start my new career??

  4. aditya

    Hello everybody, i am an engineer!!!! i completed it without any pasion and not interested in continuing my life in tat field!!! iam very interested in history and archeology, can any one pls tell me a good college to start my new career????

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