How to write a great Statement of Purpose (SOP) for foreign universities!

For those who don’t know, a Statement of Purpose (SOP) is your opportunity to add weight to your candidacy to a university application, especially for education abroad.

A SOP is usually mandatory is you are going to apply to foreign universities. This is your chance to tell the university why you are applying and what makes you pick the course that you want to apply for. Here are points to keep in mind while writing a great Statement of Purpose for foreign universities.

Know your university well

Before you start writing your statement of purpose, we suggest that you find out more about the universities, its core values, its strengths and its history. If the university is well known in the field of studies that you are applying for, make a special note of it. Note these points down on separate worksheet. This should be the first step of your effort to write a great statement of purpose.

Know the current academic trends

Wait, you are not ready to start your statement of purpose yet. Before you write your SOP, we also suggest that you find out more about the current trends and research in the field of academics that you are applying for. This will give you a strong insight into any new developments.

Know your SOP format

A Statement of Purpose is generally 2 to 3 pages of length, varying from a case by case basis. Don’t search the words ‘How to write a Statement of Purpose’ on the internet and simply copy a specific style that you liked. Depending on how much information you want to put in your SOP, think of a format that is power packed with information that is to the point. Read on to find out more about the generally acceptable format of a statement of purpose.

Start writing your SOP with a purpose

Do you know what all great men and women have in common? They all have a purpose in life. Start your Statement of Purpose by telling the university all about your purpose. The two main questions that you want to address are:

  • Why do you want to study the course you are applying for
  • What makes you apply to that particular university
  • When did you decide to pursue this academic path

Write about your motivation

Moving on, a SOP generally talks about the motivation that drives the student to pursue the academic options he or she desires. For example, if you are applying to study for Masters in Biotechnology, tell the university in your SOP why you want to study Biotechnology, your past studies or experience in the field and the contribution you think you can make. Write down a few key reasons behind your academic choice. If you have any real life work experience, it will shine out as a massive plus point in your Statement of Purpose.

Write more about yourself

In this part of your Statement of Purpose, you want to tell the university a bit more about yourself, your academic background, your academic and non-academic achievements, your family background and other intricate details that make you stand out from the rest. Try and link back all this information to your ultimate passion and goal in life, which is to study the course you are applying for.

A final note on why you should be picked

So, you’ve told the university all about yourself and why you want to study in their prestigious institution. End you SOP by making a last effort to promote your worthiness in your institution. Tell them what makes you different from the crowd and why they should pick you in one or two subtle lines.

Closure of your SOP

To end your Statement of Purpose on a courteous note, thank the committee for taking the time to read your SOP. Tell them that you look forward to studying at their reputed institution. Close the SOP and provide contact details.

**Proof read again, and again and again**

A spelling mistake or a grammatical error in your Statement of Purpose will look embarrassing. Read your SOP again after you’ve written it. Print a final copy. And then read it again to look for the smallest of mistake. Any admission committee will be impressed if your Statement of Purpose is free of such errors.

Your chances of getting into the foreign University just doubled!

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