What are the various problems of indian education system?

There are many problems/hindrances in Indian education system like wastage and stagnation of academic years by students. Due to various reasons students tend to either leave the education in the midst of primary, secondary or university level i.e. they dont complete the certificate or the degree (wastage). Someties the students remain in the same class for more than one academic year i.e.fail (stagnation). In both the cases the amount of money, efforts and time spent on them become unproductive for the society.

Best reply by Dnkayshap N:

it is more then 200 years old based on, how to keep british empire running. it needs total overhauling

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3 Comments to What are the various problems of indian education system?

  1. Chimanlal Desai says:

    Hi Simran
    Nothing is wrong in education policy. Single person cannot be pleased with his idea and views.
    In fact students have to learn them selves. Professors are just to guide them. Discuss the problem with professor, teachers. Solve the difficulty in group of friends.
    Much more to write. We cannot expect liberty as per our individual choice. No criticism.
    OK dear friend.

  2. Dr. Aman B says:

    I 100% agree with Honurable Mr Chimanlal Desai but one thing I shall like to add these days teachers have become more bookish and less interactive. Studies therefore sound boring for a child. Things should be more expressive , practical and out field experiences. I really find http://www.wizIq.com interesting. Looking upon how teachers interact, it hardly sounds online class.
    There is strong need to train young teachers. Well I don’t mean to hurt anyone but senior teachers used to be broad in their knowledge with expertise in their special field. THese days teachers have limited knowledge even in their own field.

  3. ashish c says:

    I put blame on Govt.policy.They interfere in all matters in education.They should arrange basic education for all but should not compromise with merit.Basic education is a right but not the higher
    education where merit,talent should be given priority.No quota for this.

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