Full list of Engineering Courses in India

So you want to be come an Engineer ?

But are you sure which engineering stream you want to choose. Let me help you to make your decision.

Following is the list of all the Engineering streams that are available currently in India, from which you can choose to the best of your liking.

Aeronautical and Aerospace Engineering

- This engineering course deals with the design, creation and operation of machines related to flying – planes, missiles, rockets, spacecrafts etc. Aerodynamics, avionics, propulsion, acoustics are subjects that are taught under this course.

Agricultural Engineering

– This branch of engineering focuses on the design and operation of tools, implements and machines that are used in the practice of agriculture.

Computer Engineering

– This engineering stream teaches about the design, development, manufacture and maintenance of computer components.

Electronic and Electrical Engineering

– This engineering course includes research, development, design, creation and maintenance of a diverse set of objects ranging from global Positioning Systems to semi-conductor chips used in mobile phones.

Automobile Engineering

– This stream of engineering studies deals with the design, creation, manufacture and operation of machines relevant to automobiles ranging from the ubiquitous motorcycle to buses and trucks. Civil Engineering – This engineering course teaches about the design, development and construction of bridges, dams, metro, railroad systems etc.

Industrial Engineering

– This branch of engineering studies teaches how to make the machines and people work in tandem with each other so that maximum productivity is derived.

Instrumentation Engineering

– This engineering stream teaches about design, manufacture and maintenance of instruments and instrument units.

Manufacturing Engineering

– A Manufacturing Engineer is taught how to manufacture things – be it structures, machinery, electronics, medical devices, automobile parts, textiles and clothing, or household products or toys or cans and bottles any thing and everything that can be manufactured.

Marine Engineering

– Under this engineering course, one gets to learn the designing, construction and management of ships and other naval vehicles.

Mechanical Engineering

– This engineering branch is concerned with the design, construction, and operation of power plants, engines, and machines. It deals mostly with things that move.

metallurgical Engineering

– This stream of engineering studies deals with metals – basically the research, development and manufacture of new metal alloys for wide applications across industries.

Mining Engineering

- This engineering stream deals with mines and minerals. The mining equipment is developed and manufactured by mining engineers. Besides this, there are also an array of other engineering courses which one can specialize in like ceramic engineering, textile engineering, nuclear engineering…the list can go on and on.

Hope that now all the engineering aspirants are sufficiently knowledgeable about various Engineering streams that available at their disposals.

Normally, which ever Industry is hot the demand for those engineering stream rises. Like currently Computer Engineering is very hot !

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  1. manish jain says:

    plz send me that
    What kind of job we can do after choosing electronics & telecomm engg

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    im btech IT 3rd yr student i want to know wat training language should i do so that it is beneficial and tell me some reputed training institutes in panjab.

  5. rajkumar says:

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  6. deeksha says:

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  7. bavithra says:

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  8. tasha says:


  9. sanjana sharma says:

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  10. sanjana sharma says:

    What kind of job we can get after doing computer engineering???????

  11. sanjana sharma says:

    I asked you about what kind of job we can get after doing computer engineering, but I didn’t got the reply :(

  12. RUBY JOHN says:

    I want to know more about Electrical&Electronics Engineering like its curriculam.
    what professional designation will I get and what are my career oppertunities after securing this degree.

  13. silpa rachel suresh says:

    architectural field is best on India or on foreign countries???

  14. ABHISHEK says:

    if we do automobile engineering we have better scope in future ?

  15. shazad says:

    pls send me which jobs we apply after food engineering

  16. Mukesh says:

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  20. shilpa says:

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  21. sai kiran says:

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  22. Shiva kumar says:

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  28. sk.amreen says:


  29. nikhil says:

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  30. anita says:

    what is electronic engineering?

  31. Rahi says:

    Sir i can help you

  32. veeresh says:

    I want study about curent electricity so which is the best branch in enggfor me pl any body help m

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  34. N.Mounika says:

    I want to know about the job opportunities for every engineering course and the fee particulars of each course in various colleges of a.p

  35. jet-ski says:

    Curiously, a well executed blog post

  36. ritujhangiani says:

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  41. Md safder ali ansari says:

    mai PTU se b.tech kar raha hu and my trade is (civil) and avi mera 1st year hai
    please mujhe bataye ki cilvil branch thik hai ki nhi
    mere paas 1st year tak chance hai trade change karne ka

  42. Aneez says:

    can i knw the details of aeronotical and marine engineering..?
    i also want to knw which one is easy and the time period required for the studies..?
    plsss help me…

  43. aravind says:

    if i take computer eng what type of job i do

  44. s.sivamalai says:

    Ha guyZ :) ^_^

    iTz me Ur Sivamali :) am frm salem frm Tamil Nadu , am still do 12th right now and ma friends will be plan to join more ENGG course bt i confuse my self , if any one guide me :) ma mail id is :[ Navist.nxt@gmail.com]

    Details : i wanna minimum Salary above 50.000

  45. shashi___ says:

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    sir its that computer engineering group- was that divided by subjects

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